Want something drawn?
I can (maybe) do it. I work primarily in pencil, but I’m clever enough I can find a way to color it up, whether through photoshop or physical media. The practice is good and the challenge amuses, so send them please.

Want something written?
I’d like to thing I’m good on style, and I’m usually better than the spellchecker, so feel free to send me any writing that you want spiced up. Alternatively, if you have a cool idea for a story or a joke or anything that requires word inflation, color me curious. I need practice, badly, or I may have to resort to cannibalism to keep things interesting.

Want something read?
I’m literate. Need I say more? Oh, and enthusiastic and eager to critique.


For all of the above or just for sh*ts and giggles, email me at jdwong188@gmail.com, and title your email Musket Volley. Or Hey You! Or слиш скатине! Anything with musket in it will probably get through the mountains of spam that plague my inbox.