Heroes aren’t made of stone; they’re people who kept going when it all seemed pointless. Strength does not come from without, but within. But read him first, he’s the original philosopher.

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

I often hear tough talk and breezy bravado when it comes to embracing suffering, but I’ve never seen that arrogant swagger hold up in the face of grinding agony and maddening monotony.  The true meaning of embracing suffering is to keep at it until a breakthrough is achieved.

IMHO, when one can enjoy/apply oneself to uncomfortable or monotonous activities just the same as other activities, then a modicum of sainthood has been achieved.

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Train not just the mind, but the heart as well. The mind knows, but the heart governs. Wisdom here from our dystopian buddha.

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Much of the notion of the comfort/discomfort of an activity comes from the connotation we put on it—”I like/hate this.” “I’m good/horrible at this” “this is boring/fun.”  

Training should be more than just a mindless acquisition of skill; it should be a conscious deprogramming of that which keeps us inept.

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Day 19 Poetry Challenge

I must have been five or six when I read the Velveteen Rabbit. A gorgeously deep children’s book— words to live by even as an adult. If you follow me and don’t already follow the Billow, try it. You can learn some surprising things about yourself writing poetry.

the poet's billow

“‘It doesn’t happen all at once…You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”
― Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

I couldn’t help but share this excerpt that was shared with me today in my Yin Yoga class. For our class purposes, this was used as a meditation on acceptance. Here, on the Billow, for our purposes, I want to think about the Veleveteen Rabbit and his friend the horse who said this.

For today’s poem, write a…

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No Context #2: And Now For Something Completely Different

Have you ever gone out on a rescue mission for the most uncomfortably designed sex-robot who was kidnapped by psychotic drugged-out desert bandits, only to be lured into an ambush of animatronic suicide teddy bears engaged in a dangerous game of landmine frisbee, then upon acquiring and taming the sex-robot, whose circuit boards have all been replaced with cheese pizza, been roped into performing in a concert for the king of the raiders by a giant mutant lizard thing with claws the size of your forearm, playing a giant electric guitar made out of a 40mm anti-aircraft gun, while also protecting him from assassins in the middle of the mosh-pit concert while he rocks out the hardest anyone has in ages, killing several dozen audience members with his guitar cannon, and instead of being rewarded with money, been showered with dozens of copies of his newest album?

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Fire & Ice

Fire and ice indeed. You’ve no idea the hope this gives me, knowing that even writers older than me still suffer these doubts; as with all seasons, this too shall pass.

The Renegade Press

‘No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.’


I often have days where I contemplate giving up. They’re the kind of days where I sit down at my computer to write and think to myself why the hell am I doing this? I’m twenty six years of age and I’ve never had a career, I’ve never finished any of the multiple university degrees that I’ve started, and despite having served more than a decade in the workforce I don’t really have anything of substance to my name. I really struggle when those moments arrive. I sit at my computer for hours and stare blankly at a screen clouded by my own insecurities and self-doubt wondering why I don’t just give up and become happy like everyone else. I want to be a writer; I am a goddamn writer. But in those moments I question whether I have what…

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Men and Women: Another Difference

Good point. Sleep is good. But chores are necessary. And guys are bad at using many word in line.
I must resist mightily the temptation to caption this with an emoji.
And here’s a relevant link to an old episode of the Honeymooners!
(But read this first.)

A Holistic Journey

I deserve flak from my female cohorts. As a young adult, I never got the I-AM-WOMAN-HEAR-ME-ROAR hullabaloo. Why Oprah and devotees, TV shows, and pop culture rattled on about the woman with all the balls up in the air, exhausted in the attempt to satisfy diverse roles. Then I got married.

And became a mother.

The breadth of the tasks in my day-to-day, not to mention the depth, is such that I actually forget a lot of what I do. It is a great much, the littlest things one tends to as a mom.

I tore out a page of our calendar for you. I usually do more lessons, and doctor visits obviously are not a regular affair. But this day was typical in the way it packed one activity right into the next:

Dental checkup 45 minutes away
Brief playdate
Return: traffic
Math lesson

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I Am More Than Just A Pretty Face.

I’ll put something more articulate here in the morning– but this was worth reading.


Yes I do like when people call me beautiful or find me attractive but that’s not all to me. There is much more to me. I am strong, smart and funny. I am not stupid enough to think that life would be easier if I wasn’t pretty but damn, I am more than a nice body and pretty face. I don’t like how they act surprised when I do or say something intelligent as I was perceived to be dumb. They judged me.They underestimate me. But I know more than I say, think more than I speak and notice more than they realise. For me, sexiest thing on anybody is Intelligence. And I want my intelligence to be noticed and I work so hard on things but all they see is a pretty face.

I don’t find my “attractiveness” so magnetic that it should cause men to stop what they…

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D&D Story #1: No Context

Saturdays are great. Particularly when not taking your ADHD meds.

Contained within Landsknecht of 4/2/2016 are events various such as multiple electrocutions, a satanist cult, attempted assassination, a very unconvincing viking, a vampire, and an explosive tampon.

Read on only if you have an appreciation for the puerile, the crass, and the absurd.

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Story #10. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

I think this is as much a story as any. This deserves a repost and a thorough reading- innocent and lighthearted humor is rare enough to give it value far beyond the two drink minimum clubs.

The Dead Cow's Diary

Bonjour, my dear friends. To be honest, I am totally used to Parisian lifestyle. This environment makes me feel truly bohemian. Hope I don’t sound arrogant….Moooo! I even started introducing myself to other angel cows as Bonbon, just to sound a bit more French. Of course, it is only for the time I stay in France…

French trees and grass appeared to be so delicious! No wonder that their cow models on the posters look so fresh. “You are what you eat”! For sure. Look at this heifer. She is shining with health and beauty. No matter that the picture itself has probably been edited in Photoshop…


This time I went to a wonderful restaurant in the heart of Paris called Le Circus. The whole atmosphere there makes you truly believe that you are a part of the show: the menu, the interior and even their waiters look so authentic that you…

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