So my heart beats for God.

My name is Jonathan Wong, the curator, lead writer, lead creative designer, chief goblin and head doodler of Musket and Magic, which I would really rather be titled Ink-Spilling Sword, but I seem to be stuck with the title for the time being.

A moment ago, that first sentence was, “So my heart beats to write.”

Then I realized that’s a really stupid focus when there is an Almighty God, Lord of all Creation, Master of the Universe and Omnipresent Friend, Mentor, and Protector to consider, and merely desiring to write in light of such a fact is kind of petty.

That said, I’m a poor show of a disciple. I’m striving to be better though, and this blog is part of that – recording my moments of brilliance when I have a revelation that doesn’t turn out to be heresy, and my many struggles and failures which God hath strewn my path with that I might be turned back into the path of His sovereign grace, as He does with all of His children. He is a good Father, much better than any you’ll find this side of Heaven. It is for His glory alone that I wish to write, and it will likely be my lifelong struggle to remember that as forces various push me to think of myself before Him.

I hope that you, my patient reader who has heretofore born with my verbiage, will find my writing here useful to your life, healthful to your soul, and occasionally amusing for those times when my posts do not dwell on the mysteries of the Almighty. I’m a fiction writer by training, so some of my stories will surely make it here too, and I indulge in Dungeons and Dragons from time to time, so retellings of sessions glorious and hilarious may crop up from time to time as well.

To those who don’t take Christ as the ruler of your life – this is for you as well. God speaks to all of us, sometimes by a thousand passing voices whose faces go unremembered but whose words will echo in the private moments when your heart cannot help but to reflect. I pray earnestly that He will open your eyes to His love and charity and inoculate in you a thirst for grace, and I can only trust in God that He will give me the necessary words.

Go in peace, friend. Hopefully, we shall meet some day. On this Earth, or in the New.

Until next time, may God watch over your steps.



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