I’ve started this blog with the intention of ensuring that every day has some measure of writing in its hours, because that’s the only thing keeping me sane. No amount of video games, youtube, cat videos, or furiously active personal time in a dark room will ever leave me more than dissatisfied and ashamed, so I may as well distract myself from more urgent pursuits with a productive endeavor.

I’m a writer, a Dungeon Master, a doodler, and a shut-in that really should get out more.

I post a mixed bag of Dungeons and Dragons gameplay and musings, the occasional unwanted philosophy, the occasional fiction piece, all laced with an unashamed faith in God and His power to save, with an overindulgent quantity of humor of varying quality.

I aim to inform and to please (mostly the latter), to inspire and to confide.

I wish you all a wonderful life; may my hope ride with you.


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