Why is it that Naps Never Work?

I dunno, I’m not a neurologist. 😐

But I do know that if you lay down for a thirty minute nap, you will always wake up feeling totally unsatisfied and regretful of all your time spent lying face down half-naked with your butt in the air, dreaming of bold and cheesy Dorito warriors doing battle with soulless original flavor Lays chips in an eternal war of salty doom, ending only in obesity and heart failure for all third parties caught in the middle.

Perhaps Colonel Frito and the Rufflenecks will come crashing in on their flaming drop-bags to save the day.

Or we’ll all be eaten alive by Bugs.


2 thoughts on “Why is it that Naps Never Work?

  1. Loved this, I’ve had a little bit more success with naps but that might purely be based on the amount that I’ve had, however my success rate is at most 50% which isn’t great and it helps if I’ve had a coffee and set an hour on my phone’s timer, I’m going to be starting an extended fast to try and get my diet back into shape, I’ve put it in my newest blog post if your interested, I’ll post the results once it’s finished in a couple of weeks. Hope your napping improves.

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