Story #10. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

I think this is as much a story as any. This deserves a repost and a thorough reading- innocent and lighthearted humor is rare enough to give it value far beyond the two drink minimum clubs.

The Dead Cow's Diary

Bonjour, my dear friends. To be honest, I am totally used to Parisian lifestyle. This environment makes me feel truly bohemian. Hope I don’t sound arrogant….Moooo! I even started introducing myself to other angel cows as Bonbon, just to sound a bit more French. Of course, it is only for the time I stay in France…

French trees and grass appeared to be so delicious! No wonder that their cow models on the posters look so fresh. “You are what you eat”! For sure. Look at this heifer. She is shining with health and beauty. No matter that the picture itself has probably been edited in Photoshop…


This time I went to a wonderful restaurant in the heart of Paris called Le Circus. The whole atmosphere there makes you truly believe that you are a part of the show: the menu, the interior and even their waiters look so authentic that you…

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