Discipline and drill will always win the day. Talent and flash mean nothing without consistently applied effort.
Now if I could just get around to actually swallowing those words…

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Much has been made of outward sharpness; clothes, cars, houses…but those symbols are to impress other humans.  Constantly though, I see well-dressed, appearance-oriented people fail to show up on time, fail to fulfill resolutions, fail to go through the sacrament of daily discipline.  I place emphasis on consistent, sustainable results—not dress, and not even action.  I believe results are attained by communicating with the Universe through quiet demonstrations of exactitude:  Being on time, on target, with the right gear.  Day after day after day.  Daily discipline.  Daily precision.  If the job doesn’t get done, then there damn well better be a good lesson that comes from it.

The other stuff?  That’s just icing on the cake.

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