Day One: Musket and Magic

First post.

Oh dear.

Well, I’ve gotten tired of writing for myself and a small cadre of friends, so now I’m going to do the same, but online, and probably still very much alone.

Nonetheless, it’s good exercise (like digging trenches in the French countryside), and builds character (like digging trenches under fire), a winning combination for a prematurely budded writer.

Until I sort out a number of things, this blog may well be a mishmash of varying subjects, hopefully updated on the regular. Whether discussing new ways of screwing with your players in Dungeons and Dragons, philosophizing on writing, or putting in (hopefully) funny shorts, I’d be happy to entertain, with fiction or history or self-deprecating humor.

Or not, I’m very bad at parties.


But I am good at impersonating mercilessly incompetent feudal overlords.


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